"Why I’m Taking A Break From the Black Church"

I relate to all of this.

I find the black church to be be very oppressive at times, and stifles my spiritual beliefs. I don’t think LGBT members of the church should be ashamed of who they are. I think that there should be women preaching all the time if they feel anointed.

Not all black churches are like this, some are progressive. But I think it is hard to seek God and get free and find love in a setting that is hostile towards my personal development.

I’m in a place of transition, though. God and I are still great; Jesus and I are still great. The black church and I, however, are taking a break from each other, however.

****And don’t come in my inbox bludgeoning me with scripture and damning me and condemning me. Jesus Himself told us all to seek so that we can find; I am in the process of seeking a spiritual home that aids to my relationship with God, and not detracts.


No problem.

It’s harder for the older generation to accept that a sizable amount of young black persons who were raised in the church are starting to question what we are being fed. And I personally think there’s nothing wrong with questioning, as long as it is healthy and respectful. I would never say that the black church has no merit or no relevance because that is a BOLD faced lie and there’s still much positivity and refuge to be gained. But a lot of teachings through out the years just haven’t sat right with me, and I am not the only one. But, I am thankful for these opportunities because they have strengthened my relationship with Christ because I did the leg work to figure out how I felt, what the Bible said, and how I interpreted the Word to be.

I watched this video yesterday and I totally agree. Jesus gave us a choice- to accept His love or to not. I think that Jesus appreciates our questioning and our honestly, because isn’t showing your true uncertainty a great example of vulnerability? I think so, and I think Jesus wants us to be bare with Him. As surely as we can blindly follow faith, we can blindly follow the ways of the world and be lead away from Him.

I find security in knowing that loving Jesus is my choice, not a choice that my  mother made for me before I was even born.

Also, even though I’ve chosen to follow Jesus I still question some of the things that you mentioned, like where the LGBTQ community stands within the church and God’s feelings towards us, the sexism and shaming etc. But seeking knowledge through Christ is a huge part of the Christian experience and a lot of us are at the age where we need to be sure of who God is for ourselves. And there’s no shame in that.

I bolded and italicized that portion above because I LOVE it.